Foundation cracks are problem that homeowners should not ignore. Over time, even small cracks can become serious and costly issues. Foundation cracks can be caused by outside pressure, and unstable soil conditions which lead to your home’s foundation settling further into the ground unevenly.

B.W. Berch Concrete specializes in determining the causes of cracks, their severity and proper methods of repair. For over 30 years, B.W. Berch has been a leader in Grande Prairie’s foundation repair industry.

Polyurethane injections are used to stop basement cracks or snap ties from leaking. Polyurethane is injected through ports into the crack, it then expands once it touches moisture to completely fill the crack and stop any leaking. Arguably its most significant advantage, is that polyurethane can be used regardless of the condition of the crack and the weather. It doesn’t matter if the crack is actively leaking, full of mud and/or mineral deposits, or if it is fine or wide.

This service comes with a 2 year warranty.
If the structural integrity of the foundation wall has been comprised, which is indicated by horizontal cracking, B.W. Berch utilizes rhino carbon fiber straps as the method of repair.