Questions & Answers

The most effective method of removing oil, grease or other stains from your driveway or sidewalk is with some over the counter products from your local retail stores. However, many stains can be removed by brushing with simple soap and water.

Sealers are effective measure to prolong the live of your concrete. They are available in both clear and coloured applications.

Salt should never be used for thawing ice on your concrete surfaces. It breaks down the concrete and causes it to erode more quickly. There are many other ice thawing products that are safe to use on your concrete and can be found at your local retailers.

No you do not always have to excavate depending on the severity of the job. Most of the time we can inject the crack from inside the home.

Yes. We service all of Northern Alberta.

Yes. We service all of Northern Alberta.

Yes the polyurethane crack injection crack repair comes with a 2 year warranty.